Valentine’s Day Adventures with RMB

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While we of course LOVE chocolate and flowers, we have a few other ideas for how you and your partner, friends, and loved ones can celebrate Valentine’s Day this year!

Biking around the world

Well, this could take some time and careful planning! Luckily, RMB author Katrina Rosen and her husband Mike have done all the hard work for you!

The couple ride through barren landscapes, scorching fires, and humid jungles. From backcountry roads in New Zealand, sharing a picnic with a man and his multiple wives in Malaysia, or camping at an orphanage in Cambodia; at every turn, they are touched by locals who feed them stories and laughter. Together they repair 54 flat tires, navigate heat exhaustion in Vietnam, altitude sickness in Tibet, and two robberies before they face the last hard climb to the world’s tallest mountain.


It was meant to be! With You by Bike is on sale as an eBook! Buy it now for only $3.99.

Climbing one of the Seven Summits

Maybe you and your partner have always dreamed of climbing one of the 7 summits but don’t know where to start. Or, maybe you’ve conquered 6 and need to check Kilimanjaro off your list? Either way, Erinne Sevigny Adachi and Angela deJong have you covered with their step-by-step guide on climbing Kilimanjaro!

As you make your way through gradually intensifying workouts designed by fitness trainer Angela deJong to strengthen your body and increase your endurance, Erinne Sevigny Adachi offers her own Kilimanjaro story. Her journey starts not on the day her feet land on African soil but months earlier when they don sneakers and land on Angela’s treadmill for the first time.


Day-trip adventures

Don’t have time for a long-haul trip? Day hikes and outdoor activities are just as fun and easily accessible! We have guidebooks for areas all over Western Canada for you and your partner, friends, or the whole family!

Featuring a fresh design and the most current route updates, Popular Day Hikes is a bestselling series of books written for visitors and locals looking to hike scenic trails from well-established staging areas.

Family Walks and Hikes is an exciting new series of books written specifically for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. These accurate, attractive guides feature expertly curated routes, informative maps, and colour photographs.

Beautiful views

You can’t always pack up and head off to the mountains, arctic, or the other side of Canada – but we have some gorgeous photography books that will satisfy your wanderlust!

An astounding collection of photographs and essays celebrating the grandeur of Canada’s most remote regions located along the three ocean coastlines.

Scott Forsyth is an award-winning professional photographer specializing in the Canadian landscape. Divided into three main sections—the Atlantic (Newfoundland and Labrador), the Arctic (Nunavut and The Northwest Passage), and the Pacific (Haida Gwaii and The Great Bear Rainforest)—the book will highlight features of geographical and cultural significance using glorious full-colour photographs and personal reflections.


To “Feel the Wild” is to connect with the wilderness – the untamed Nature, the untamed Us, the essence of Life, through all of our senses and experience everything it has to offer – the physical, the emotional, the philosophical, and the spiritual.

Daniel Fox’s book of outdoor photography is ultimately about learning who we are and our place on this planet. It is a journey of growth told through the lenses of humility, vulnerability, and perspective.