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Before you send us your entire proposal…

Please note that we no longer accept hard-copy proposals submitted via mail or fax. We encourage all prospective authors to read our proposal guidelines thoroughly and to fill in our author questionnaire before submitting a proposal via email.

More importantly, please take some time to familiarize yourself with RMB’s current selection of books and ensure that our publishing company is right for you and your project. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit your local bookseller, library or online retailer to check out our books in terms of how they look, what we publish and who we work with. Google us. Bing us. Do whatever you need to do to figure out who you are getting into bed with.

At this time, RMB only accepts submissions relating to the following:

  • Mountaineering & Alpinism
  • Exploration & Discovery
  • Adventure Travel & Eco-Tourism
  • Eco-Politics & the Environment
  • Indigenous History & Culture
  • Natural History
  • Art & Photography
  • Guidebooks (hiking, climbing, scrambling, winter sports)
  • Children’s Picture Books (in areas relating to the above topics)

RMB does not accept fiction, poetry, drama, self-help, family histories, self-publishing endeavours or corporate histories.

Due to the large number of proposals being received, responses may take a minimum of three to six months to evaluate.

A typical proposal should consist of the following items:

  1. A completed author questionnaire.
  2. A short cover letter that describes why you think your book should be published.
  3. A 250-word synopsis of your book.
  4. A 150-word author bio.
  5. A selection of the writing that will appear on the book (one or two chapters).
  6. If your book is to be illustrated, please provide samples (photos, drawings, maps, etc).
  7. A recent author photo.
  8. A list of your past publishing credits, if applicable.
  9. Links to your most active social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).
  10. Examples of similar or competing books that are currently on the market.
  11. Basic demographics relating to your target audience or primary market.
  12. A list of bloggers, newspapers, or magazines that may be interested in your book. 
  13. A list of promotional ideas that may aid in the sale of your book.
  14. Any other information that may help us to market your book.

You may submit your proposal to:

Don Gorman
Publisher, RMB | Rocky Mountain Books

Think outside!

Diversity + Inclusion

RMB will always stand in solidarity with and in defence of those who continue to suffer under the systemic racism and bigotry that infects our world. Through education, empathy, and engagement with one another and our natural surroundings we can foment change. We acknowledge that our publishing program does not reflect the complete breadth and scope of our community and we know that we must do better.

All aspects of our business need to evolve and we need to learn from past omissions, mistakes, and inattention. We long to share stories of triumph, resilience, connectivity, and struggle that embrace the profound relationship between humans and the natural world. We want to help craft a narrative of outdoor engagement that illustrates and promotes a more inclusive story of enjoyment, education, and reflection related to outdoor adventure, natural history, and landscape photography. And that is why RMB will continue to do everything it can to help foster, publish, and promote work by people of colour, Indigenous people, and members of the LGBTQ2S+ community relating to our areas of interest (please see above). In order to achieve this, we’d love to hear from anyone who could help point us in the right direction, and to work with them to ensure that the outdoor community continues to become more representative and culturally relevant. We are committed to providing a platform for more diverse voices and would like to encourage those writers (new authors or previously published) to send us your stories for possible inclusion in our publishing program or to be profiled in our blog, newsletter, or podcast.