Coming April 2020: Adventures with Adoptable Dogs by Rachael Rodgers

Meet Rachael Rodgers – the Canmore photographer who volunteers her time to take shelter dogs out on adventures in the Canadian Rockies and beyond!

Rachael Rodgers is an artist, dog lover, and nature seeker. Over the last two years, she has volunteered with a variety of different animal rescue organizations and taken hundreds of adoptable dogs on adventures before showcasing them on social media. She draws from a background in photography, business, and psychology to profile each dog’s individual character online for optimal exposure while conspicuously omitting any mention of their breed. Her work with adoptable dogs has been featured in local, national, and international news. Rachael strongly believes that social media can make the adoption process faster and more efficient by helping adopters make better-informed decisions. She offers social media consults to shelters and is dedicated to helping the world see what kind of amazing dogs are currently without a home and improving the way our society views pets.

“Rodgers loves landscapes and being outside, and her photographs show it: the dogs are regularly seen traipsing through the snow, sitting by her feet in an open-top kayak, or hiking along a rugged mountain trail.” – NBC, Know Your Value


“Rodgers is skilled at capturing each of the dog’s personalities throughout the photos” – Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer


“She’s not trying to make each dog into an Instagram star; instead, she’s trying to give potential adopters insight into what the dog is like in hopes of finding the right match. Her style is a candid and often humorous look at the dog, always at eye level and always expressive.”



Advocates for pet adoption—along with those who have already adopted a pet or are considering fostering one—are always interested in finding the best ways to gain positive exposure for the animals in their care in the most efficient, positive, and cost-effective way possible. By making engaging and thoughtful online posts, social media can provide this exposure for free!

Featuring fun photos and descriptions of several silly, skeptical, sweet, and sometimes brilliant dogs encountered at various shelters, Adventures with Adoptable Dogs is a useful social-media resource and playful gift book that will touch the heart and tickle the funny bone of dog lovers of all kinds.

Want to pre-order your copy of Adventures with Adoptable Dogs? You can do it online or at your local bookstore! Also available as an eBook.

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This is Magoo. He’s somewhere near eight years old and if he had to choose, he’d rather relax with the geriatrics than run with the youngins. I met Magoo at his foster home while his foster humans were at work. Neither he nor his 13 year old foster buddy (who was left in charge) were expecting me to stop by. While his foster buddy greeted me (the surprise intruder) warmly, Magoo hid under the cupboard to analyze this turn of events in his day. I asked him to come with me. Realizing that I was talking to him, I watched him calculate the opportunity cost of coming with me (which was doing anything but come with me) and then politely decline my offer. Against his better judgment, I talked him into trying on the harness; he reluctantly left his warm, familiar foster home and geriatric buddy. When we got to my car, Magoo (looking totally defeated) let me lift him in. I had loosely planned to head to Lake Louise, but seeing Magoo stay perfectly in character (he was playing Eeyore) made me change my mind; I took him home to meet Beans and Anna. He met them with as much interest as one meets an inanimate object that’s in the way (he paid no attention to them except for to walk around them). After some time, he was content to lay near Beans for an open-eyed rest. We set off to Lake Louise where I saw his tail wag as we traversed the parking lot. We walked onto the lake where visitors were skating and snowshoeing and picture taking. Magoo got chilly paws so I sat and he gave no resistance when I picked him up and put him on my lap. We sat a few times for warming breaks. He saw some very nice mountains and met some very nice people, but he continued to carry his head low. I did my best to make him comfortable and happy, but this was a strange day for a pup with no family to reassure him. Magoo is gentle and built out of patience. Like a sidecar with no motorcycle, Magoo is a loyal boy who’s looking for his person. Do you know someone who would love this fella? Info or adopt: @garciarescue. #adoptable Thanks to the folks at the Edmonton Police Service Public Relations Unit for all your online support for pups and for helping get this boy on a mid-life adoption adventure.

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