An RMB Gift Guide for the Holidays!

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Here is the official Rocky Mountain Books curation of titles that will please the people that made your “nice” list this year! We’ve got something for the young ones and the young at heart, for the trip planners in your life, and the history nerds. We’ve got a perfect read for just about everyone. Take a look at what we suggest!

Children’s Books

An obvious choice for a Christmas gift this year is A Cabin Christmas by author Glynnis Hood and illustrated by Ardis Cheng. Will moose, bear and eagle come together just in time for Christmas? You’ll have to read it to find out! Other great children’s books to inspire your kids to get outside would be The Wonders That I Find by author Meghan J. Ward and the Nuptse and Lhotse book series by Jocey Asnong. To inspire the love of learning, Rocky Mountain 123s and Rocky Mountain ABCs are great options!

Women Travel Memoirs

This fall, Rocky Mountain Books has published three memoirs by adventurous women. The stakes and path taken in each memoir are different, but the call to follow your heart stays the same. In Chasing Africa Fear: Won’t Find Me Here by Lisa Duncan, the author has to choose between her own needs or her family’s. Meghan J. Ward in Lights to Guide Me Home: A Journey Off the Beaten Track in Life, Love, Adventure, and Parenting shows us the pay-off (and sometimes the price) of following your curiosities. In A time of Light and Shadow, Ella Harvey looks back at her life as a front-line worker for the International Red Cross as she visits India four decades after she first went. Follow these women’s stories as they carve out their paths. 

Travel Guides

Hiking and cycling guides always make for a practical and thoughtful gift. It inspires people to try new destinations and helps them get there! Here is a selection of guidebooks for your next family adventures or a weekend trip with friends. Each guidebook is written by a professional who will give you the inner scoop you can actually rely on.

Photography Books

Nothing beats looking at beautiful images on a rainy day. Whether you appreciate photography or collecting new coffee table books, these photos will spark your imagination. You might also like to hear about what it’s like to be behind the lens as a professional photographer. If so, be sure to pick up Dave Brosha’s candid new novel, The Art of Misadventure.

Informative Reads

These lovely short history books and essays filled with maps and colourful images are sure to delight your curious friends and family members! Below are some of our local favourites that just came out this year!

Didn’t find what you wanted? Take a look at our other outdoorsy books!