Tones of Grace

100 Black and White Images From Planet Earth

By (author): Dave Brosha
Foreword by: Viktoria Haack
ISBN 9781771605861
Hardcover | Publication Date: October 4, 2022
Book Dimensions: 11 in. x 8.5 in.
224 Pages

About the Book

A curated collection of 100 stunning black and white images from some of the world’s more unique locations.

In a world of staggering colour, it’s a bold choice in the modern age to strip colour out of the equation and present visuals of the planet in time-honoured black and white. In Tones of Grace, Canadian photographer, author, speaker, and educator Dave Brosha presents 100 meticulously crafted black and white images of the world around us, including landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and the majesty of wildlife.  Rather than simply a collection of monochrome photos, however, Brosha presents us with his masterful visual introspections, each a moment that combines experience, passion, dedication, craft, and experience to enable the viewer to look upon “the world out there” from a different perspective, with the goal of inspiring us all to consider our surroundings more carefully.

With images spanning Canada and the planet, Brosha is a storyteller at heart, and he constructs in this remarkable collection a visual narrative that will bring the viewer to lands near and far, and make you think about light, shadow, shape, and subject in ways you might have never considered. With subjects as diverse as Antarctic penguins, soaring mountain tops, desert sands, apartment buildings, crows, wild horses, and highways, each page is a journey – a viewpoint of the world at large – that will make you look a little more closely at your own personal environment.

About the Author(s)

Dave Brosha has had exhibitions of his work in the Northwest Territories and elsewhere in Canada as well as in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany. His images have appeared in Photo Life, Practical Photography, Canadian Geographic, Maclean’s, The Independent (UK), The Globe and Mail, The Sunday Telegraph, China News, The Guardian, Tehran Times, Montreal Gazette, Outdoor Photographer and many more. He and his family live in St. Ann, Prince Edward Island.


“As a photographer, you become accustomed to seeing the world in terms of its pictorial merit. In this engaging photographic portrait, Dave Brosha has captured the essence of this planet through his lens, in all its varied landscapes and wildlife. As a storyteller, Brosha has revealed an inspiring portfolio, wonderfully crafted in monochrome. These stunning photographs in the tradition of black and white photography will compel you to look at the world with a different perspective.” —Richard Martin, photographer, long-time contributor to Photo Life magazine, writer, teacher

“In Tones of Grace, Dave Brosha has compiled a truly impressive and inspirational set of black and white photographs. With subject matter collected from around the globe, Brosha takes us on an exciting visual journey. His choice to work in black and white not only provides a unique and fresh perspective but also enables the viewer to appreciate work that promotes simplicity, tonality, contrast, leading lines, shape and form. I also very much enjoyed Brosha’s skillful storytelling. For those interested in seeing the world in black and white through the eyes of an incredibly talented and accomplished photographer, this book delivers in spades.” —Marc Koegel, widely exhibited fine-art photographer and winner of numerous international awards

“In Tones of Grace, Dave Brosha shares an intimate journey around the world of moments touched with intent and quiet reflection. As with much of Dave’s work, it is impossible to separate the art from the artist. His vision and compassion for the natural world are apparent on every page, as real and exposed as the timeless black and white captures that live within.” —Curtis Jones, noted explorer, adventurer and documentary photographer of the Canadian Arctic whose work has appeared in National Geographic Adventure, Canadian Geographic, The Globe and Mail and numerous other venues.

“Tones of Grace is a masterful, timeless celebration of monochrome imagery and a reminder that even when stripped of the colour element, our planet still holds tremendous beauty and grandeur. This thoughtfully curated collection emphasizes Dave Brosha’s compositional skills as he explores the interplay of light and geometry in a wide variety of enchanting and intriguing environments. In Brosha’s work we see that black and white photography is very much alive and well.” —Paul Zizka, award-winning photographer; author of Spirits in the Sky: Northern Lights Photography, Aloft: Canadian Rockies Aerial Photography and The Canadian Rockies Rediscovered among other photo collections