RMB turns 40!

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain Books!

Founded in 1979 by passionate and renowned mountaineers Tony and Gillean Daffern, RMB has grown to become one of Canada’s more vibrant, long-standing and evolving book publishers. Established to specialize primarily in guidebooks for hikers, climbers and skiers, RMB has repositioned itself for the 21st century and now successfully publishes and promotes a dynamic, growing list of provocative, engaging and award-winning books on mountain history, adventure travel, outdoor culture, environmental consciousness, and contemporary photography—as well as books for children.

We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank YOU for helping us get here! Take a look at what some of our long-time authors have to say about Rocky Mountain Books over the years…

“During the 1990s and early 2000s I wrote five books that were published by Tony and Gill Daffern, the founders of Rocky Mountain Books. It was an incredibly positive and rewarding experience working with Tony and Gill. All our decisions were made by consensus and without the need for a contract. Tony and Gill were always honourable and positive to work with. I was so lucky to deal with the pioneering founders of Rocky Mountain Books early in my career, who created a wonderful institution that continues to tell our mountain stories. Thank you Tony and Gill”. – Chic Scott

I greatly admired the titles that Rocky Mountain Books was publishing long before I came on board as an author. So, it was with pride that I published my first book of photography with RMB, knowing they always aim for high quality and work hard to showcase the artist’s work in the best way possible. People talk about the RMB family, and this is definitely the feeling I get from being a part of their community of authors. Six books later, they are always open to my new ideas and are so supportive throughout the process.” – Paul Zizka

“Rocky Mountain Books invites its readers to experience, understand and imagine the Canadian west through an amazing diversity of perspectives and voices.  I’m proud to be one of those voices.  Collectively, the authors whose names appear on the spines of new books every year give expression to the wildness that lives inside us and all around us. In my view, it’s the vision and commitment of a great publisher that gave me the chance to contribute to a growing library of works truly rooted in a spectacular place that defines us as a mountain culture.” – Kevin Van Tighem

“My long association with Don Gorman, Joe Wilderson, Chyla Cardinal and the rest of the RMB staff is one of the things I am most proud of in my life. This association has not just allowed – but demanded – that I think more clearly and act more effectively in support of the common good with respect to how we manage water and how we respond to water-related climate change threats in Canada and globally. This long association has not only made me a better writer but a better speaker, and I hope a better person. I am also very proud to be associated with the many other fine writers and clear thinkers that have been published by RMB.” – Robert William Sandford

“I’m proud to be a Rocky Mountain Books author because I feel appreciated for my unique contributions. As I write about how those of us who live, play, work and create art in the mountains of western Canada nurture our own thriving and distinct culture, having a publisher who understands the deep and lasting value of the stories I share, and also the stories of other RMB authors, makes all our lives fuller and richer.” – Lynn Martel

“I believe RMB is a significant supporter of mountain culture in Western Canada.  It started with Tony and Gillian Daffern who I shared a couple of adventures with over the years and continues with Don Gorman’s stewardship as publisher.  Their depth in understanding the complexities surrounding the many historic figures, important events and fabric of this worthy heritage is immeasurable to me as a writer.  Thank you for giving me a voice and to contribute to this growing legacy.” – Dale Portman

“I began working with RMB when Tony and Gillean Daffern were the owners.  I approached them about writing a book about my father Don Forest. The response was immediate and positive – they were happy to publish the book. From that point on I have successfully written 4 other books and am working on my 6th book. I have always had a positive relationship with RMB and am proud to be included  with the many talented writers who inform, interpret and relate to the stories of the mountain world. Living and functioning in Canada’s Rocky Mountains brings out stories that must be told and I am so happy that RMB is dedicated to that task. May you prosper well into the future.” – Kathy Calvert

“When they’re done well books create legacies. They act as a gift from one generation to the next. I’m inspired by that notion and grateful to have collaborated with RMB, a publisher that feels the same way that I do.” – George Webber

“For decades, Rocky Mountain Books has been inspiring me to pursue my passions, from swinging tools on remote ice routes to climbing up steep rock. I’m grateful to be part of such a diverse and creative family of authors and look forward to the many future adventures I’ll be living and reading about thanks to Rocky Mountain Books.” – Brandon Pullan

“RMB isn’t just a publisher; it is a family. The authors, photographers, illustrators, designers, editors and the publisher see more than just a trusted producer for books about nature and our place withinit; we see fellow explorers and trusted friends who work together to bring the best of one another to the world of outdoor literature.” – Stephen Legault

“I’m proud to work with a great team dedicated to bringing mountain landscapes and cultures to the page through story and with photographs. It is also an honour be a small part of an impressive catalogue that celebrates being outside, with all the challenges and triumphs that come with that choice. My fellow authors and photographers are both mentors and guides. Their work inspires my work. Their lives inspire my life.” – Jamey Glasnovic

Want to help us celebrate our 40th anniversary? Join us at RMB’s ‘Rough Draft’ event at Banff Mountain Festival! Rocky Mountain Books is stoked to be attending this years’ festival, and even more stoked to host a FREE event with our wonderful authors, photographers, and customers. Come by our booth at Mountain Marketplace during the festival to say hello and pick up your free drink ticket! Looking forward to seeing you there – thank you all for an incredible 40 years! 

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