RMB Spring 2023 Books Preview

Spring books coming your way!

Our new non-fiction titles range from the topics of the Manitoba man who co-founded the international organization known today as Greenpeace, to a botany professor from British Columbia drawing and learning from the plants in Kamloops. Here, you’ll find stories from afar and stories close to home. Take a look to see what’s to come!

Mr. Mindbomb: A Life in Stories

A collection of 30 essays from the people who knew the co-founder of Greenpeace, Bob Hunter, the best. An insider look at a Canadian man who is credited with creating the precedent for environmental media stunts we see today and co-founded an influential international environmental organisation. Where one essay ends, another picks up, showing the evolution and pivotal moments in the life of Bob Hunter.

Edited by: Bobbi Hunter + 30 contributing writers
Introduction by: Captain Paul Watson
Afterword by: Elizabeth May
Nature / Conservation & Environment
March 2023 | CA$30.00

Searching for Happy Valley: A Modern Quest for Shangri-La 

A global quest to comprehend the meaning of “Happy Valley” on three continents and how these mountain communities continue to survive in a world that challenges the very notion of “happiness” daily. Author Jane Marshall takes a journalistic approach to share the knowledge of the Indigenous communities that inhabit these unique ecosystems.

Written by Jane Marshall
Travel Writing / Cultural Anthropology
March 2023 | CA$28.00

Drawing Botany Home: A Rooted Life

Follow the field notes of a Canadian Beatrix Potter. Botanist and artist Lyn Baldwin turns to Southern BC’s plants as her mobility slows down. In the confluence of art and science, Baldwin contemplates the dark horror of settler and Indigenous relations as well as explores her past. Baldwin weaves into the Kamloops landscape, memories from her childhood: poverty, a traumatic fire, unwanted stepfathers, and a hippie mother.

Written by Lyn Baldwin
March 2023 | CA$30.00

The Weekender Effect: Hyper development in Mountain Towns— Updated Edition

This updated edition of The Weekender Effect looks at how things have changed, grown, and morphed in numerous mountain communities in North America. Offering suggestions for residents, tourists, and planners who love mountain places, Robert Sandford tackles some of the issues facing small communities on the edge of the Anthropocene and looks forward to a future when the “commodification of place” is no longer the driving factor in human geography.

Written by Robert W. Sandford 
Nature/Environmental Conservation Protection
May 2023 | CA $15.00

A Ribbon of Highway: A Photographic Exploration of Canadian Identity

This collection of images, taken over a decade and in every corner of the country, explores and asks the question “what is it to be Canadian?” The photographer, Taylor Roades, was part of the Canada C3, a 150-day voyage around the three coasts of Canada on a retired Coast Guard icebreaker, and worked with Hasselblad in South Africa on the launch of their new X1D II camera. Her work has been featured in countless publications, including Maclean’s, The Guardian, The Narwhal, Canadian Wildlife, PhotoED, and Besides. A Ribbon of Highway is Roades’ first book.

Pictures by: Taylor Roades 
Travel / Photography
March 2023 | CA$40.00

The Weekender Effect II: Fallout

A pandemic-inspired sequel to the original The Weekender Effect looks at the current and future challenges facing mountain communities. The sequel to an earlier book on the same concerns, The Weekender Effect II: Fallout is a passionate plea for considered development in these precious communities and for the necessary protection and restoration of landscapes and positive transformation of local values, identity, and sense of place, here and everywhere.

Written by Robert W. Sandford 
Nature / Conservation & Environment
April 2023 | CA$20.00