How to Support Indie Publishing All Year Round!

book shopping, rocky mountain books, adventure non-fiction, canadian books

We often talk about shopping at local businesses during the holiday season, but what happens in the New Year? Should we say goodbye to those feel-good habits until the following Christmas? The truth is indie businesses need support all year round. Independent publishing companies are no exception. Follow these tips if you would like to support indie publishing!

Learn about us

book shopping, rocky mountain books, adventure non-fiction, canadian books
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When you pick up a book, the likelihood that it is published by one of the major players such as Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Random House, or Harper Collins is high. The advantage of seeking out indie publishing houses is that they tend to specialize in a genre, making them expert publishers in that field. By getting to know us better, you’ll discover many new books in your area of interest!

Examples of Independent publishers

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Here is a small list of independent publishers based in British Columbia to get you started on your research!

Rocky Mountain Books: We publish award-winning books on mountain history, adventure travel, outdoor lifestyle, environmental consciousness, Indigenous culture, and contemporary photography—as well as a growing selection of bestselling books for children.

TouchWood Editions: They publish cookbooks and culinary food guides that vary from niche and regional to international interest. They also offer an impressive selection of contemporary award-winning Canadian fiction and memoir, and a bestselling mystery series.

Greystone Books: Their focus is non-fiction books that generally have international appeal and fall under the topics of nature and the environment, travel and adventure, sports, social issues, science, and health. They also publish many award-winning children’s books!

Heritage House Publishing: This publishing house is one of the oldest in British Columbia. So, isn’t it appropriate that they focus on publishing local authors and BC stories? If you are looking for books about the history and culture of Western Canada, you can find great offerings from them.”

To learn more, you visit the Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC).

Promoting Canadian Culture

book shopping, rocky mountain books, adventure non-fiction, canadian books

Many indie publishers based in Canada focus on Canadian content, meaning we publish Canadian authors, photographers, historians, etc. If you pick up a Canadian book, there is a strong chance that it is published by an indie Canadian publishing press. Pretty cool, eh? Buying “Canadian” is obviously not a valid reason on its own, but by adding Canadian voices out there, smaller publishers are adding diversity to the publishing landscape.

Purchase directly from the publisher

book shopping, rocky mountain books, adventure non-fiction, canadian books
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Publishers and book readers love bookshops! If you don’t already have a favourite bookstore you love to visit to browse the new arrivals, here is a map of Canadian Independent bookstores compiled by our very own publisher, Don Gorman. Fun fact: his map went viral!

However, if you already have a book in mind, why not check the publishers’ websites to purchase directly from them? Better yet, if there is a book  you are looking forward to reading, let us know by making a pre-order! Pre-orders can make a big difference to writers and publishing houses because it gives us the chance to adjust our first print run.

Happy New Year from Rocky Mountain Books!