Help for Indie Booksellers

RMB | Rocky Mountain Books is grateful for the ongoing efforts of Canadian indie booksellers and we, along with our Canadian distributor Heritage Group Distribution, are proud to offer a little extra help to our domestic bookselling partners in order to keep books flowing as much as possible.

The press release attached reads as follows:

Rocky Mountain Books, along with their distributor, Heritage Group Distribution, is extending a helping hand to independent bookstores who may be encountering pandemic-related challenges, by offering an extra 20% off their net invoices.

Over the past few weeks, independent bookstores across the country have experienced massive disruption due to the spread of COVID-19, and many have been forced to close their doors. Most of these bookstores are operating in a limited capacity with reduced staff who are fulfilling online or telephone orders and offering delivery or curbside pickup. Bookstores are currently earning just a fraction of their regular revenue, with no idea of when social distancing measures will be relaxed.


RMB publisher Don Gorman has created a map of indie booksellers across Canada who are currently offering delivery and/or curbside pickup. “The map continues to garner attention and there are booksellers being added to it daily, from right across the country. At the moment, it has over 29,000 views and highlights almost 300 independent book retailers of all sizes.”

“Canadian independent booksellers have been highly responsive to the pandemic and have been supplying books to eager readers like never before,” says Gorman. “By offering online ordering, local delivery, and curbside pickup they are proving themselves to be creative, energetic, and dedicated to books, reading, and publishing, and we are happy to help support them during these challenging times.”

The offer applies to any title published by Rocky Mountain Books ordered through Heritage Group Distribution, and will continue until whenever the stores are able to reopen.

“This is a simple and direct way to support our friends and partners, the indie bookstores, both financially and logistically, at a time when they are at increased risk,” said Patrick Helme, president of Heritage Group Distribution. “We want to make sure that all of those bookstores are still here at the end of this uncertain time.”