The Canadian Rockies: Rediscovered

Photographs by: Paul Zizka
ISBN 9781771602310
Hardcover | Publication Date: November 9, 2017
Book Dimensions: 10 in x 10 in
240 Pages

About the Book

Combining breathtaking landscape images with intriguing portraits of mountain athletes, Paul Zizka’s remarkable new collection of photographs will astound mountain and photography enthusiasts alike.

The Canadian Rockies are some of the most photographed mountains in the world, yet only a small portion of this phenomenal landscape ends up in the frame. It takes a passionate and adventurous photographer to venture away from the beaten track and deep into the wilderness or to push creative boundaries to reimagine the Rockies’ iconic locations.

For nearly a decade, Paul Zizka has dedicated himself to exploring the seldom visited corners of the Canadian Rockies and producing the most original and innovative photographs he can muster. As a photographer and adventurer, he is drawn to the extraordinary. His body of work is the result of both countless nights spent outdoors and demanding ascents of the Rockies’ highest peaks.

In his first book, Summits and Starlight (RMB, 2013), Zizka provided a unique collection of photos that highlighted the beauty and wildness of the Canadian Rockies landscape. The Canadian Rockies: Rediscovered provides a freshly curated selection featuring 200 of Zizka’s best mountain photography and elevates the Canadian Rockies to new, unimaginable heights.

About the Author(s)

Paul Zizka is a professional mountain landscape and adventure photographer. His award-winning images have been featured in a wide variety of publications, including Maclean’s, National Geographic Traveller, National Geographic Adventure, Alpinist, Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Canadian Geographic. His client list includes leading national and global brands such as Apple, Dell, Arc’Teryx, lululemon athletica, Panasonic, MEC, and Canon. Paul has published numerous books with RMB, including: Aloft: Canadian Rockies Aerial Photography; Spirits in the Sky: Northern Lights Photography; The Canadian Rockies: Rediscovered; Summits and Starlight: The Canadian Rockies; Grandeur of the Canadian Rockies; Splendour of the Canadian Rockies; Beauty of the Canadian Rockies, and Souvenir of the Canadian Rockies. Passionate about teaching, Paul is the co-founder of OFFBEAT, a creative community for photographers which offers workshops in far-flung destinations around the globe. Originally from Quebec, Paul now lives in Banff, Alberta.


“Paul Zizka has produced an absolutely breathtaking collection of images of the Canadian Rockies. People from the world over visit the Rockies to take in these views; Zizka captures them at their most magnificent. Initially recognized for his aurora night photos this collection revisits the area with new themes. The result is a visual masterpiece.”
– Ian Welsted, 2018 Banff Mountain Book Competition Jury

“Images capture moments in time yet convey the motion and change that continually act upon the landscape.”
– Crowfoot Media

“I’ve seldom seen such high production quality in a mountain photography book.”
– Ormsby Review

“Page after page of unique and stunning images, each imbued with Zizka’s deep sense of place in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, cascade over the reader.”
– Wanderlust Magazine UK

“If you’re a fan of majestic landscapes and night photography, you won’t want to miss Zizka’s The Canadian Rockies: Rediscovered.”
– PhotoLife Magazine

“… Paul Zizka’s photos of the Rocky Mountains are iconic. Frequently capturing his work after dark, he incorporates astrophotography into his shots of Alberta’s rugged mountain peaks.” – Red Bull