Nuptse and Lhotse in the Land of the Great Lakes

ISBN 9781771605359
Softcover | Publication Date: May 21, 2024
40 Pages

About the Book

Come along on a new and wonderous journey to the landscapes surrounding the Great Lakes with the adventurous cats, Nuptse and Lhotse!

Welcome to the Land of the Great Lakes! Nuptse and Lhotse are off on another great adventure, this time searching for the Sugar Forest Festival with their new friend Ruckus Raccoon.

With only a nibbled map of the Great Lakes and the raccoon’s nose to guide them, they make their way across the Canadian Shield near Lake Superior, learn how to make the perfect s’more when camping along Lake Huron shores, cross the fruit belt fields around Lake Erie to see a rainbow reach across Niagara Falls, and climb high above the clouds in a tower soaring over Lake Ontario to get a better view of the world.

Along the way, they will meet new friends, discover shipwrecks and city subways, play in the red leaves of a maple forest, and learn to windsurf and canoe with loons. With the arrival of the spring sun’s warmth after a long winter, will they finally find the Sugar Forest Festival they have been looking for?

About the Author(s)

Jocey Asnong was raised by a pack of wild pencil crayons in a house made out of paper and stories. After finishing several years of illustration school at Sheridan College, she left the land of maple trees in Ontario and moved to the mountains of Alberta so she could wear mittens most of the year. When she is not chasing her cats around her art cave, she might be caught in a blizzard near Mount Everest, or running away from wild dogs in Mongolia, or peeking out castle windows in Scotland, or sleeping under the stars in Bolivia. Jocey’s books for children include Nuptse and Lhotse in Nepal (winner of a Purple Dragonfly Award), Nuptse and Lhotse Go to the Rockies, Nuptse and Lhotse Go to Iceland, Nuptse and Lhotse Go to the West Coast, Nuptse and Lhotse in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Nuptse and Lhotse Go to the Prairies, <Nuptse and Lhotse in the Land of the Great Lakes, Explore Canada, Rocky Mountain ABCs, Rocky Mountain 123s, West Coast ABCs, West Coast 123s, Prairie ABCs, Prairie 123s, and Ontario ABCs. She lives in Belfast, PEI.