Gone Viking III

The Holy Grail

ISBN 9781771606462
Softcover | Publication Date: October 3, 2023
Book Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
304 Pages

About the Book

Join bestselling author Bill Arnott on this extraordinary adventure, trekking the ancient world, unearthing Viking secrets and more to reveal history’s most elusive treasure, the holy grail!

Bill Arnott is at it again — he’s “gone viking”! Granted a fellowship by London’s Royal Geographical Society for his previous Gone Viking travelogues, Bill now takes readers on a new and unique adventure as he attempts to unravel the mysteries of fabled odysseys and legendary travellers, from seafaring Scandinavians to druidic Celts, goddesses, gods, and Arthurian knights. Discover storm-roiled coasts of the Atlantic and of the Baltic and Mediterranean seas and pursue pilgrimage paths across Europe, through Scandinavia and into the Arctic.

With unfailing humour, insight, and an infectious take on the world, this inquisitive traveller can be a companion and guide on what can only be called the ultimate quest, capturing first-hand exploration and new findings in Viking Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the British Isles, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, with additional research into Poland and the city of Jerusalem.

About the Author(s)

Bill Arnott is the bestselling author of A Season on Vancouver Island, Gone Viking: A Travel Saga, Gone Viking II: Beyond Boundaries, and Gone Viking III: The Holy Grail (Fall 2023). He’s been awarded by the Whistler Independent Book Awards, ABF International Book Awards, Firebird Book Awards, won The Miramichi Reader’s Very Best Book Award for nonfiction, and for his expeditions has been granted a Fellowship at London’s Royal Geographical Society. When not trekking the globe with a small pack, weatherproof journal and laughably outdated camera phone, or showing off cooking skills as a culinary school dropout, Bill can be found on Canada’s west coast, making music and friends @billarnott_aps.


“Witty, well-read and effortlessly entertaining, Arnott may just be the perfect travel companion.” —Thomas Lundy, Canadian Geographic

“Arnott’s prose leaps from the page, grabs you by the hand and pulls you into the adventure.”
—Jacqueline Carmichael, author of Heard Amid the Guns: True Stories from the Western Front, 1914–1918

“Descriptions of landscape and place are unreal! I was totally captured.” —Bruce Kirkby, author of Blue Sky Kingdom: An Epic Family Journey to the Heart of the Himalaya

Gone Viking III: The Holy Grail is an intelligent, witty, fast-paced romp through hundreds of years of history and a fairly large chunk of the European world. Arnott is a master storyteller who fills his pages with facts, myths and laugh-out-loud passages of prose.” —Lesley Choyce, author of Around England with a Dog

“Marvellously written, exceptionally researched, Gone Viking III is a fun ride through Europe and Scandinavia, filled with humour and adventure.” —Allan Hudson, editor of the South Branch Scribbler

Gone Viking III is a breath of fresh air, a laugh-out-loud, archetypal adventure leading us through history and across modern landscapes in search of the ultimate prize.” —Sheilagh MacDonald, Burnaby Writers’ Society

“A fascinating journey across place and time, through the landscapes, myths, history and legacy of the Vikings!” —Jacob Steele, Banyen Books & Sound

“Another thoroughly entertaining saga by Bill Arnott, taking us around the world.” —Jeremy Bassetti, host and editor of the podcast and website Travel Writing World

“Once again, in his uniquely entertaining way, Bill Arnott enriches our understanding of our world, its places and its people.” —Timothy Niedermann in The Ottawa Review of Books

Gone Viking III is a modern-day saga, a spirited quest with poetic intelligence and a wicked sense of humor. Highly recommended.” —Tor Torkildson, author of Cloud Wanderer

“A real page-turner from a true storyteller. You won’t want to put this one down.” —Tom Lundy, Canadian Geographic Travel