Savannah Carr-Wilson

Savannah Carr-Wilson works in the field of environmental and Aboriginal law in British Columbia. Passionate about protecting the global environment, Savannah has worked in environmental law and policy not only in Canada but also internationally with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Secretariat of the Water Convention, and the German nonprofit Welthungerhilfe. She has authored several influential reports and publications on environmental topics ranging from the impacts of fossil fuel extraction to the intricacies of water law and policy. She studied law at the University of Victoria, specializing in environmental law and sustainability, and recently completed an Erasmus Mundus Master of Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, jointly taught at Central European University, Hungary, and Lund University, Sweden. She also holds an undergraduate degree in politics and history from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. Savannah Carr-Wilson lives in Vancouver, BC.

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