Dustin Lynx

Dustin Lynx hiked the 4300 km Pacific Crest Trail, from Mexico to Canada, in 1994. Shortly afterward, while browsing antiquarian bookstores in Vancouver and longing to be back on the trail, he came across High Summer: Backpacking the Canadian Rockies, by Chris Townsend. That book, more than any other, changed his life. Thanks to Townsend’s book, Dustin discovered the Great Divide Trail and moved to the University of Calgary so he could hike it in 1996 between the final two years of his arts degree. He currently lives in Canmore, Alberta, and operates an information technology consultancy. Besides the fourth edition of this guidebook, Dustin has written for several magazines, including Explore, and contributed to Imagine this Valley: Essays and Short Stories Celebrating the Bow Valley.