3 ways to celebrate Mum this Mothers Day

Okay, maybe we don’t always remember to call her back, and we usually forget to text her to let her know we got back from the mountains safe…but Mum deserves a little extra celebration this Mothers’ Day (May 12)!

Here are some ways to show your mum or the women in your life how rad they are!

Go on a family hike

Spend some quality time together exploring the outdoors! Family Walks and Hikes is an exciting new series of books written specifically for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. These accurate, attractive guides feature expertly curated routes, informative maps, and colour photographs for a fun family adventure for everyone!





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Just ONE more story before bedtime, pleeeeeaaase!

They’re only little for so long! Give mum the gift of snuggles and a story with these sweet bedtime stories for the little ones.




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That peace and quiet she’s always asking for…

It’s likely mum could just use some quiet time with a glass of wine and a good book. No shame in that! Here are a few books featuring strong women like her.





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