There's a pretty comprehensive article about Canadian publishing, featuring numerous publishers from across the country.

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RMB's two new board books by Neepin Auger, Discovering Words and Discovering Numbers, were mentioned in the most recent issue of Publishers Weekly! This is a big deal, since these are the first books of their type to be published by RMB and we have two more planned for Fall 2014: Discovering Animals and Discovering People. These new titles (along with future reprints) will feature pronunciation guides for both the French and Cree words, as recommended by PW.

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Overland Magazine has a great review of Through Dust and Darkness by Jeremy Kroeker:

"This is writing that sucks you in, and which will definitely mean you sit up late into the night. It contains subject matter that may challenge your own prejudice, but isn’t that what travel is for? And this is perhaps the best vicarious trip you’ll take to the Middle East."

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Strange "review" of George Webber's book, Prairie Gothic, appeared in Galleries West recently:

Calgary photographer George Webber’s moody black-and-white photographs seem to violate any sense of the wide-open spaces of clichéd flatland lore. In this coffee-table book that features a 10-page essay by Alberta writer Aritha van Herk, Webber’s skies are overcast, more often than not, and towns are small and vulnerable, their bedraggled buildings tottering on the edges of rutted roads. Webber’s interiors have a similar cramped and mothballed quality, and the people that occupy them are often elderly, with faces as weathered as slumping barns, yet resolute in their steadfast gaze. Collectively, Webber’s images seem a visual dirge to what van Herk calls “a place beyond place" – the country he documents something we feel in our bones and cannot help but look at, again and again.

The Beaver Manifesto

Author: Glynnis Hood

Beavers are the great comeback story—a keystone species that survived ice ages, major droughts, the fur trade, urbanization and near extinction. Their ability to create and maintain aquatic habitats has endeared them to conservationists, but puts the beavers at odds with urban and industrial expansion. These conflicts reflect a dichotomy within our national identity. We place environment and our concept of wilderness as a key touchstone for promotion and celebration, while devoting significant financial and personal resources to combating “the beaver problem.”

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David Tracey

David Tracey is an environmental designer and author of four previous books, including Guerilla Gardening: A Manualfesto and the novel The Miracle Tree. As a journalist he has covered politics, culture and the environment from countries on five continents for media including the International Herald Tribune, The Economist, The Globe and Mail, CBC Radio and many others. He runs the environmental design company EcoUrbanist, which specializes in ecological approaches to urban development, and is executive director of the non-profit group Tree City, which is working to “help people and trees grow together.” David is a frequent public speaker in Canada and abroad on environmental and urban ecology issues. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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