50 Roadside Panoramas in the Canadian Rockies

By (author): Dave Birrell
ISBN 9780921102656
Softcover | Publication Date: May 1, 2000
Book Dimensions: 11 in x 8.5 in
168 Pages

About the Book

A drive through the mountains is always a pleasant experience. Travellers will be able to make the most of their road trips through the Canadian Rockies by keeping Dave Birrell’s new pictorial guidebook handy in their glove compartments. Birrell delivers 50 magnificent mountain panoramas taken from highway viewpoints in the Rockies. Interesting historical tidbits accompany the panorama photos, helping the reader identify peaks by name. Read the fascinating stories associated with geographical features such as valleys, lakes and passes and meet some of the individuals who shaped the early history and exploration of the Rockies.

About the Author(s)

Dave Birrell is a school teacher living in Nanton. He is the author of Calgary's Mountain Panorama, and Baz —the biography of squadron leader Ian Willoughby Bazalgette.